Hi, my name is Lily Attias-Inzano. I am currently a student at Clark University majoring in Environmental Studies. My passions include (but are not limited to) the environment, climate change, human rights & global issues, food systems, and activism. I also enjoy bridging my passions with creative and holistic endeavors like photography, gardening & farming, writing, reading, cooking, meditation, art, and videography.

I am invested in exploring how humans’ impact on nature can shift to be more sustainable. At the moment I am really interested in connecting more with nature and learning more. I am eager to learn more about natural farming, permaculture, and other ways in which we can support ourselves and the environment, especially as this is really important as we are expecting the effects of climate change. For instance, regenerative agriculture and an overall improvement of our food systems offer the opportunity to address many other problems like access to nutritious food, animal welfare, soil degradation, deforestation, ocean acidification, GHG emissions, healthcare, antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance, and many other human or environmentally related areas. But being more in touch with nature can help create community and connection with ourselves and others which I think is imperative for our future.

I am seeking to learn more from others and the environment, but am also seeking to connect with others and engage in new opportunities. My main goal is to be of service to others and the environment. I hope to be an ambassador for change and peace.

Things that are important to me & what I am interested in:

  • Continuing to learn new things
  • The importance of plants and agriculture as well as our human relationship to nature
  • Connecting, collaborating, and communicating with others
  • How to help those who are most vulnerable and in danger of the impacts of climate change and environmental issues
  • Engaging in stimulating conversations and experiences with others
  • Being able to help in a positive way
  • Fostering connection and helping others live purposeful, environmentally conscious lives

Please feel free to reach out to connect with me! Email: lattiasinzano@clarku.edu or lilyattiasinzano24@gmail.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@lilyattiasinzano/featured