Whether it is climate change, social justice, or other global issues — the time to act is now. I am not entirely sure what my path will look like or what it will be, but I want to focus on giving and being of service. While I might seem most centered on climate and environmental issues, everything, and I mean everything, is connected. The more I learn, the more I realize that everything is inextricably bound together and interlinked.

Climate change is real. The current state of life as we know it on Earth is so profoundly unsustainable and unnatural. Not only are we destroying our own ecosystem and home, but we are destroying our relationship with other living beings and ourselves. We are so disconnected from nature. But equally deprived of true connection and oneness with ourselves.

It is befuddling to think that humans have been acting as if we are superior and dominant to nature. The truth is we’re not. And if there is not a paradigm shift or some sort of realization of that then we will continue to destroy our planet.

When I start to think of everything that needs addressing – poverty, lack of climate action, the education system, health, pollution, environmental destruction, racism, gender and social inequities – it can all seem a bit impossible. Frankly: overwhelming. In learning more, not only do I gain knowledge and awareness of thousands of new things, but I also gain hope. I see all the potential solutions. I see people doing amazing things. I see possibility. The climate crisis offers the potential to connect and mobilize us.

Realistically though, I also see how unexplainably terrible we are at protecting our planet. Without change and real action, our destructive path will continue. However, I feel like we are also presented with a great opportunity. I don’t want to go on living my life each day feeling like I can’t do anything or have an impact. I think at the moment there is a widespread epidemic of people feeling disempowered. I refuse to succumb to the belief that my life does not have meaning, or that I can not have an impact. Even if it is something seemingly small or trivial, if it affects someone, something, or the environment in some positive way, then that is meaningful.

The current denial and specificity we have towards solving climate change is a huge danger. We have awareness, but we lack action or discussion. I think we have reached a point that goes beyond complete ignorance of climate change. At this point, most people are aware of it. But it’s not just awareness of an issue that’s important. It is the extent to which we are willing to face it and then move into tangible action. I don’t think anyone or anything is coming to save us. This is why I feel compelled to act. The climate emergency is scary, painful, and confusing. But that does not mean we can just sweep it under the rug and put it off in the hopes of dealing with it at a more convenient time.

I want to be a part of a generation that seeks to understand and learn from the Earth and those on it. I want to do this in a way that allows not just the protection and restoration of life, but the cultivation of it. Through this journey of knowledge and action, I want to also seek connection and community. While it might be nice to imagine a scenario where just one person can save the world on their own, that is not possible or realistic. I dare to imagine a world where everyone is working together. A future that invites everyone to find a sense of meaning and purpose. A world where everyone’s needs are met. Where we protect the land, plants, animals, and all other life on it. A future with the understanding that we are a part of nature, and what we do has an impact. Rather than doing harm, we nurture life.

I don’t quite know what my journey or what I will do will look like but I know that learning about our Earth and taking action in support of it need to become accessible to become a part of everyone’s lives. We are not meant to be against or separate from nature. I am on a search to discover how we can create a future within the design of nature.