At the end of my first year at univeristy I set out to do some volunteering on natural and regenerative farms. In the beginning of May I travelled to my first location based in the United Kingdom. I volunteered at Worthy Earth, a market garden located on Dummer Down Farm. This was a really great experience and I was able to get hands on in growing and gardening and also meet some really cool people.

After volunteering there for two weeks I traveled to France and did a workaway for a bit. Now I am still in France but in Thenac, where I will be doing a meditation retreat for a week at Plum Village. Then I will be volunteering at their organic farm, Happy Farm, for one month.

So this is what I am currently up to and whats going on. It has been an amazing experience so far to get to spend so much time out and with nature. I am also really grateful to have the chance to learn about ways in which we can work with nature and heal and connect with it through ways of growing food and plants.